Interesting Facts About Bricks

Posted on 23rd Nov 2018

As a bricklayer and stonemason, we are passionate about everything to do with brick and stone. Here are three interesting facts about bricks you may not have known. 

Not All Bricks Are The Same

Did you know there are different types of bricks? Most are made from a mix of shale and clay but there are different categories of bricks used for a range of structures. These include:

  • Water-repellant bricks ( a water repellent seal is applied to help them withstand the elements)
  • Decorative bricks
  • Fire bricks (able to withstand high temperatures and used for fireplaces, kilns and furnaces)
  • Paving bricks (used for roads and walkways)
  • Common bricks (used underground or when appearance isn’t important)

They Come in Different Colours 

Bricks get their different colours from the chemicals and minerals in the raw materials used to make them. For example, red bricks get their colour from iron oxide. Yellow or white bricks tend to have more lime in them. Bricks fired at a higher temperature tend to be darker but brick manufacturers can alter the colour and texture as required.

Thermal Comfort

Bricks are incredibly energy efficient. They reduce the amount of heating and cooling required in your home as they absorb sunlight during the day and release energy at night (known as high thermal mass). In fact, brick is the most energy efficient building material available.

Your Local Stonemason 

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