Bricklaying Skill Shortage Australia 2019

Did you know there is a skill shortage in bricklaying in Australia? According to the Australian Brick & Blocklaying Training Foundation  (ABBTF)

  • 47% of bricklayers are over 40
  • 24% of bricklayers are over 50
  • Apprentice numbers are only half the number that will be required to replace those bricklayers retiring or leaving the trade.

A bricklayer shortage can lead to serious consequences including construction delays, increased costs to the housing and development market and a reduction in the quality of the bricklaying work being completed.


A report from the Housing Industry Association last year highlighted that bricklaying is the most in-demand trade in the majority of capital cities in Australia. With an ageing bricklaying workforce and low apprenticeship numbers, bricklaying has been placed in the Skilled Occupations List and overseas bricklayers can apply for a range of skilled visas allowing them to work in Australia.


There are several skilled visa categories that bricklayers can apply under. The Department of Immigration Website has more information. Bricklayers will need to meet the standards of the Australian Bricklaying and Blocklaying qualification, certificate III which means being qualified in their country of origin and satisfying a skills assessment.


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