Ideas for Your Exposed Brick Wall

While brick walls are usually covered with plaster for added strength, durability, and beauty, some people like to just leave the bricks underneath exposed. After all, an exposed brick wall has a charm of its own. It makes a great wall accent, plus it adds a more rustic and homey feel to your property. If you’re considering having exposed brick wall in your home, here are some interior brick wall ideas to help you make your place more visually appealing.


If you have a modern bathroom with smooth plain and patterned tiles, setting up a raw and irregular wall of bricks allows you to create a rustic contrast to give the space a more interesting look. Depending on the colours you have chosen, not only can creating contrasting textures make any space look elegant, it can also tie the design together.


Apart from contrasting textures, it’s also a great idea to play with contrasting colours. For example, adding a rich red brick wall to an entryway adds depth to a narrow space. Also, if you’re using a cool monochromatic colour palette in a particular area of your home, this exposed brick wall inspiration will surely add warmth and cosiness to the room.


Limewash is a breathable coating that gives a brick wall a soft, porous finish. If you want to soften the look of your exposed brick wall, using limewash will certainly do the trick.


Who says you have to use uniform bricks and the same layout all the time? If you want to make a space more interesting, considering using bricks of different sizes. Then arrange them to create geometric and other interesting designs and patterns to add subtle detail and more texture to the wall.


Another way to transform masonry from something ordinary to extraordinary is to create dividing walls made of exposed bricks. For example, if your home has painted walls, you may set up brick walls that divide interior space and offer thermal mass.